BLOOD RED Now Available in eBook Form

Over the past few days, my apocalyptic horror novel Blood Red has been filtering out into the world, through the usual channels, as an ebook. (The paperback version has yet to debut, and will probably appear closer to the book's official release date, April 29.). The Smashwords page appeared...

Jason Bovberg
Blood Red_Final_eBook

Received another favorable review of Blood Red, this time from Heather Faville of Doubleshot Book Reviews. I’m excerpting the review here, with a link to the full article included. Let me know what YOU think! What can I say about BLOOD RED? Different? Fresh? Unique? Yes, yes, and yes. Jason Bovberg has brought us something new to the horror genre. Well, new to this reader, I should say, since I have not read anything quite like it. As if waking …

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It was a few years ago that I became aware of Grant Jerkins. First came the murmurs about a new trade paperback crime novel called A Very Simple Crime—a title that grabbed me firmly by the throat. Early reviews were promising; I was definitely feeling a good buzz about the book. Then came my trip to the local Barnes & Noble, where I found the novel on the New Releases table. Its stark white cover and stately sans-serif lettering made …

Grant Jerkins says:
Thank you, Louanne. Your words have brought joy to my heart. One thing stands... more
Louanne Noel says:
Grant, this is Louanne…a complete true fan, you know. Thanks for all the... more
Blood Red cover rough

Recently, Permuted Press unveiled the final cover art for my novel Blood Red, and I’m extremely happy with it. It’s very close to the initial concept that I provided to the artist early in the process. Yep, I’m lucky to have a publisher that lets its authors have some input into the cover art and design — something that not many authors can boast. But it took some time and effort to get to this point. To effectively communicate ideas to …

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Over the past few days, my apocalyptic horror novel Blood Red has been filtering out into the world, through the usual channels, as an ebook. (The paperback version has yet to debut, and will probably appear closer to the book’s official release date, April 29.). The Smashwords page appeared first, offering the ebook in all kinds of formats, from Amazon’s .mobi format to a simple PDF for computer viewing. Smashwords is an interesting avenue, as it started as a self-publishing …

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An Interview with Jason Bovberg


My editor at Permuted Press, Felicia A. Sullivan, conducted my second interview about Blood Red not long ago, and today posted it on her Facebook site. I’m posting the interview here with links to her site. Anyone who needs a comprehensive, thoughtful, constructive, reasonably priced edit on a creative work would do well to contact Felicia. AUTHOR INTERVIEW Jason Bovberg, author of newly released novel Blood Red (Permuted Press) had a sit down with me. Well, a write down, at least. 1. …


First BLOOD RED review

Blood Red_Final_eBook

Let it be heard ’round the world that the first official Blood Red review has been unleashed onto the Interwebs, and it is from Josh Black at Hellnotes. It is a very favorable review, and I’m quite proud of it. Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full review. Much has been done with zombies over the past decade or so. Their resurgence and subsequent explosion in popularity has left fans satiated, to say the least. So many zombie …



Blood Red_Final_eBook

Here’s what some great people are saying about Blood Red. “An epic addition to the genre, Blood Red brings apocalyptic literature home to the suburbs. Ranging from the gritty to the surreal, the story delivers a nonstop, real-time experience of the End Times—replete with visceral terror, buckets of gore, and, ultimately, a redemptive humanity. As touching as it is anguishing, Bovberg’s novel gives us a new and deeply compelling perspective on the collapse of the modern world.” —Alden Bell, author …


The Book Trailer for BLOOD RED

Blood Red_Final_eBook

With thanks to Kirk Whitham at Still Flicks, here is the book trailer for Blood Red. Kirk created this over the period of a month and was very open to collaboration. He found innovative ways to avoid unnecessary costs, and he had some excellent ideas about enhancing the mood of the piece. This was a fun effort. There was a photo shoot with my neighbor on a gorgeous Sunday morning, and there was another photo shoot involving the corpse that …


How to Create a Great Book Trailer


A few months ago, while awaiting the publication of Blood Red, I decided to create a book trailer to coincide with the launch. Trailers seemed to be a suddenly hot marketing tool, even though their overall effect on sales remains impossible to determine. But I subscribe to the “every little bit helps” philosophy of book marketing, so why not? Well, a big why not? is that most book trailers are plain awful. Many of them don’t seem to know what …


The Incredible Shrinking Home Office


The home office is going through a startling evolution. Home office PC sales are at their lowest numbers in their history, thanks to the rise of tablet computers and smartphones, which offer unprecedented convenience, mobility, and power. You could even say the connected home of today is barreling toward a completely new paradigm: People would rather use their mobile devices for such activities as email and other forms of communication, and beyond. In our home, the PC is touched less …

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