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Draw Blood

Published Date: April 7, 2015

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Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin, says, “Draw Blood is a real nail-biter of a zombie novel that will delight die-hard fans and draw legions of new ones to the genre. Thumbs up!” Alden Bell, author of modern zombie classic The Reapers Are the Angels, says, “In Draw Blood, the second book of the Blood trilogy, Bovberg keeps the action taut and breathless, driving the story forward with a combination of excruciating dread and linguistic majesty. He reminds us that we’re in the middle of a zombie epic for the new century.” And Robert Devereaux, author of splatter masterpiece Deadweight, says, “In Draw Blood, Jason Bovberg attains a new level of mastery, guiding us with assurance and control into the finely etched, moment-by-moment travails of his characters without once relaxing the tension. Draw Blood deserves the widest readership possible. This one’s a keeper!”

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Blood Red, Rachel’s father Michael has regained consciousness in a blood-red world. Rachel has gone through hell to save him from a gruesome apocalyptic event that still has its gory clutches on Fort Collins, Colorado. But Michael is a troubled man. A man of guilt and remorse. His daughter has no idea about the demons that haunt him. And the more he learns about his new, perilous existence, the more powerfully those inner demons are at odds with the very real ones surrounding him.

Michael will soon find himself racing against time–as well as hordes of resurrected corpses showing newly aggressive behavior–to protect what matters most in his life. It’s time to take a stand, for himself, for Rachel, and for the small band of survivors facing a ghastly, existential threat.

Author Information

Jason Bovberg is the author of Blood Red, the sequel Draw Blood, and the forthcoming concluding volume in the Blood trilogy, Blood Dawn. He is also the author of The Naked Dame, a pulp noir novel. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife Barb, his daughters Harper and Sophie, and his rabid canine, Cujo.

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