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Review: “Joe Hustle” by Richard Lange

Review: “Joe Hustle” by Richard Lange

There's a type of crime story that's simply a great "hang." In the film world, that definition would apply to Quentin Tarantino's recent Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was more about its characters, actor Rick Dalton and stuntman Cliff Booth, and its vivid...

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Review: “Dark Ride” by Lou Berney

Review: “Dark Ride” by Lou Berney

I was loitering at my local Barnes & Noble one day, just wandering, waiting for inspiration to strike. There were a few tables I liked to visit first upon any visit to the bookstore—chiefly, the new fiction arrivals—and I moseyed on over there. An unassuming trade...

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Review: “Everybody Knows” by Jordan Harper

Review: “Everybody Knows” by Jordan Harper

Jordan Harper is one of those authors for whom you can pinpoint exactly the first time you encountered him. For me, it was back in 2017, when I plucked his debut novel She Rides Shotgun off the Barnes & Noble shelf and began reading—and kept reading, line after...

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Jason Bovberg is the author of Tessa Goes DownLoser Baby, the Blood trilogy—Blood RedDraw Blood, and Blood Dawn—and The Naked Dame. His forthcoming books include A Small Poisonous Act, a suburban noir novel, and Little Miss Nobody, a mystery based on a true crime. He is editor/publisher of Dark Highway Press, which published the controversial, erotic fairy tale Santa Steps Out and the weird western anthology Skull Full of Spurs. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife Barb, his daughters Harper and Sophie, and his canines Rocky and Rango.

I absolutely love the Blood saga—it’s gripping, raw, and inventive. Thumbs up!” —Jonathan Maberry, author of Rot & Ruin and Code Zero

Loser Baby is a beautiful noir novel for the 21st century!” —Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest

Jason Bovberg proves he’s got the goods with a whole new kind of horror novel.” —Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Whisper in the Dark

Loser Baby is Bovberg’s greatest book and one of the best of the year.” —Gary Phillips, author of Blood and Asphalt

Blood Red is a tour de f***ed-up!” —Peter Stenson, author of Fiend

‘Blood Red’ Book Trailer

Hellnotes Review Of 'Blood Red'

“I believe that Bovberg will have a strong following for Book 2 and I recommend Book 1 for fans of the zombie genre, apocalyptic fiction, and post-apocalyptic dystopias.”

The Books Of Blood Review Of 'Blood Red'

“What makes a book like this is the monsters, and Bovberg has nailed it. He’s given us something new and disturbing, and the images will stick in your head after you’ve finished reading.”

Tomes of Darkness Review of 'Blood Red'

Blood Red is possibly one of the most unique zombie novels I have ever read.”

Frank Errington's Review Of 'Draw Blood'

“…the real story lies in the sociological and psychological experiment that is the way the survivors interact and deal with their situation.”

An Interview At Permuted Press

“I returned to the genre I’ve always loved, post-apocalyptic horror, with the intent to create a no-holds-barred, real-time, gonzo splatterfest—all from the perspective of a young girl.”

An Interview At Buy Zombie

“My goal was to take the zombie concept, flip it over, and shake it brutally.”

An Interview By C.T. Phipps

“What I’ve enjoyed most is seeing how people respond to the ending. The ending of Blood Red is very special to me.”

An Interview By Eloise J. Knapp

“I know you’re an author, too, you bastard, so tell me: What part did I serve in the narrative?”

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