Here’s what some great people are saying about Blood Red.

“An epic addition to the genre, Blood Red brings apocalyptic literature home to the suburbs. Ranging from the gritty to the surreal, the story delivers a nonstop, real-time experience of the End Times—replete with visceral terror, buckets of gore, and, ultimately, a redemptive humanity. As touching as it is anguishing, Bovberg’s novel gives us a new and deeply compelling perspective on the collapse of the modern world.”
—Alden Bell, author of The Reapers Are the Angels and Exit Kingdom

Blood Red occupies a post-apocalyptic landscape that both excites and terrifies. This book gets seriously under your skin. Jason Bovberg proves he’s got the goods with a whole new kind of horror novel.”
—Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Whisper in the Dark and The Last Kind Words

“With Blood Red, Jason Bovberg pulls off something you don’t even see attempted very often, much less accomplished. He infuses a post-apocalyptic tale with a sustained sense of genuine mystery; of having no idea what’s happening to the world and the people around you, or why. Even when you think it may be solved … no, it isn’t. The endgame, and the surreal nightmare, has only just begun.”
—Brian Hodge, author of Whom the Gods Would Destroy and Dark Advent

“Highest praise for Jason Bovberg. Blood Red is a harrowing tale assuredly set forth. The pacing is relentless and inexorable, the details vivid and chilling, as Rachel and her fellow survivors balance staying alive with a race to figure out how to counter the horrors advancing upon them. Guaranteed to creep you out!”
—Robert Devereaux, author of Deadweight and Santa Steps Out

“You’ve been to the end of the world before, but never quite like this. Jason Bovberg has managed the difficult trick of making the zombie apocalypse scary and unpredictable again, combining fresh ideas with well-realized characters and a fast-moving, suspenseful plot to create a memorable horror novel.”
—Richard Lee Byers, author of Blind God’s Bluff and The Reaver: The Sundering Book IV

“Take a little bit of The Stand, add a dash of The Passage, throw in some Dawn of the Dead, and top it off with John Carpenter’s The Thing—then throw all that out the window, because Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Every time I thought I knew where the story was heading, Bovberg proved me dead wrong. Well written with an exquisite pace and populated with believable characters, Blood Red is deliciously creepy and completely riveting. It starts as a slow-burn freak-out and culminates in a series of horror-show set pieces that will forever be etched in my mind (three words: the pregnant thing). This book made my skin crawl.”
—Grant Jerkins, author of A Very Simple Crime and The Ninth Step

Blood Red is a tour de fucked-up! Bovberg fuses an unrelenting mystery with the kind of horror only a child experiences from branches scraping against the window. A must-read for anyone who has ever slept with a night light. ”
—Peter Stenson, author of Fiend

“Do you like stories about body snatchers? Strange atmospheric phenomena? Reanimated bodies shambling, zombie-like, in search of prey? Heck yeah! Who doesn’t, especially when those tales are set in a quiet Colorado town? Newcomer Jason Bovberg dishes up just such a classic in Blood Red and, even better, he closes the tale in true Frederic Brown style by showing you that in fact, things are MUCH CREEPIER THAN YOU IMAGINED.”
—Mark Minasi, bestselling author and tech journalist

“With Blood Red, Jason Bovberg serves up a fresh, grisly take on apocalyptic horror fiction, complete with a plucky young heroine, strangely glowing orbs of goo, and enough gloppy gore and steaming viscera to please the most blood-thirsty of readers. I was eagerly turning the pages to reach the Where the hell did that come from? conclusion! ”—Jeff James, author of Totally Unauthorized X-COM Terror from the Deep: The Ultimate Guide to Alien Destruction

Blood Red will freak you out with its gripping narrative and terrifying action. Jason Bovberg has come up with a blood-curdling tale of the reanimated dead, a fascinating apocalyptic story told from the perspective of a smart and fierce heroine. The way the bodies move around still gives me the creeps!”
—Ted Hill, author of Sudden Independents

“Strap in tight! Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is a terrifyingly entertaining rollercoaster with more twists and turns than a sack full of snakes. You won’t soon forget it!”
—Thomas Wolfenden, author of One Man’s Island