I have a thing for haikus. And burgers. And Subaru WRXs. I owned a WRX in the early part of this century and had a blast with it. Driving the Colorado backroads was spectacularly fun. I miss those days. Sigh. Anyway, I won a contest that was uniquely targeted to my tastes. It involved fast cars, burgers, and haiku. Or at least I won the contest thanks to a haiku. A series of haikus, actually. This was the Taste for Speed Giveaway, sponsored by Carl’s Jr. and Dr Pepper. It was at the DriveLine Blog, a blog dedicated to the automotive experience. The prize was a 2010 remote-controlled Camaro, a Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit (including Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, Gold Class Wax, tire protectant, and Quick Interior Detailer), a bunch of Carl’s Jr. and Dr Pepper coupons, and a box of other freebies like coffee mugs and a t-shirt and cap.

Above is a pic of me in front of my 2002 Subaru WRX, and below is my 165-word narrative haiku justifying why I should win.

A Taste for Speed
by Jason Bovberg

Fresh from the drive-thru,
Revvin’ WRX
Back onto the road!

Carl’s Junior burgers–
Sweet, messy charbroiled goodness
Heaven in my car.

Crunching onion rings,
Launching into turbo speed,
I’m hugging corners.

And Dr. Pepper
Wedged icy between my knees,
Washing down the meat.

But after the meal,
Gotta clean that greasy mess.
Yep, need some Meguiar’s!

Sleek, sexy detail,
Shampoo, wax, and protectant.
Look at me posing.

Day comes to an end.
I float my way toward dreamland,
And you know what’s there?

Next year’s Camaro!
Automotive perfection,
Awaiting my skill.

I wake from the dream,
Can’t sleep, my brain still revved up.
Start up the laptop.

Check the Driveline Blog,
My destination of choice
On the interwebs

And would you believe
A perfect contest appears,
Custom-made for me!

Carl’s, Dr. Pepper,
Meguiar’s, and a Camaro?
Are you kidding me?

Good grief, sign me up!
Here’s my WRX
In all its glory!

There’s no one on Earth
More deserving of this prize
Than Jason Bovberg!