Over the past few days, my apocalyptic horror novel Blood Red has been filtering out into the world, through the usual channels, as an ebook. (The paperback version has yet to debut, and will probably appear closer to the book’s official release date, April 29.).

The Smashwords page appeared first, offering the ebook in all kinds of formats, from Amazon’s .mobi format to a simple PDF for computer viewing. Smashwords is an interesting avenue, as it started as a self-publishing site but has since been embraced by both small and large publishers as a way to get their ebooks available in many downloadable formats at once. It also has a special place in my heart, because it’s where I first published The Naked Dame.

Next, the official Amazon page appeared, letting readers instantly download the book to their device. (One-click buying rocks!) Amazon is doubtless where I will sell most of my books, as the $5.99 ebook price beats the $16.95 trade paperback price handily, and that instant-read convenience is pretty damn cool, if you’re into the whole non-physical-book thing. All hail Amazon!

Finally, the Barnes & Noble page went live, offering the ebook for NOOK devices. Barnes & Noble is a very important outlet for me, personally, because it’s my favorite bookstore and I also used to work for the Barnes & Noble sister store, B. Dalton. I’m planning several in-person events for my two local B&N stores, once the trade paperback becomes available.

If you’re a fan of digital e-reading, please support your favorite apocalyptic-horror novelist (that’s me!) and make a purchase! I’ll look forward to signing your device, or at least any body parts you want immortalized.

And after you’ve downloaded your preferred format, and after you’ve read the book, please be sure to leave an honest review in as many places as possible, including the book’s Goodreads page. Word of mouth is what will make this book a success! Thanks!