Received another favorable review of Blood Red, this time from Heather Faville of Doubleshot Book Reviews. I’m excerpting the review here, with a link to the full article included. Let me know what YOU think!

What can I say about BLOOD RED? Different? Fresh? Unique? Yes, yes, and yes. Jason Bovberg has brought us something new to the horror genre. Well, new to this reader, I should say, since I have not read anything quite like it.

As if waking up to find that 80+ percent of the world is essentially dead and you are one of the few survivors isn’t horrible enough, our main character Rachel finds that all of the bodies left laying around have this strange glow emanating from them. Not knowing what this glow is and in a sort of panic, Rachel does a few things that wind up helping her learn a bit more, but even this thread of information gives no real answer. There is one aspect that is mentioned that actually made me get chills. It would be a horrifying thing to have to deal with should a situation like this ever actually occur. Of course, I’m not going to tell you what it is because I don’t want to spoil a potential thrilling moment for you readers.

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