I’ll be frank: I want you to visit this site. And I’m not above using words like “naked” to get you here. But I hope I can get you to stay with not only that naked dame on the cover of my book but also with the contents of my book, which contain not one, but two—yes two—fully naked dames. There’s so much nudity around here that the arousal factor is stratospheric. Well, OK, perhaps not. But I’m finding it amusing that on my WordPress dashboard, site statistics reveal that the most commonly used search term that’s landing people at my site is, simply, “naked.”

And hey, that’s fine. No judgments. I won’t hold your baser instincts against you if you don’t mind that I’m plastering my site with lewd words in an effort just to get you here. Sex.

And just for you, I’ll post this cover of March Hastings’ Her Private Hell. Mmmm.

Truth be told, I have a prurient streak. I hear you objecting to that claim—The hell you say!—but it’s true. Heck, the entire premise of my book is a male fantasy: My main character stumbles across an attractive, nude, seemingly innocent young woman—the ultimate damsel in distress—and wants to protect her from the harms of a lascivious world. This ain’t high art. But it was certainly fun to write, and I hope it’s just as fun to read. And I think even my female readers will find enjoyment within the pages of The Naked Dame (see how I got another instance of “naked” into this post?), thanks to yet another woman in my story who is decidedly spirited and take-charge and forthright, particularly considering that the story is set in 1950s Los Angeles. Even my main character, Guy Redding, admits to his failings with the ladies and is far more driven by a strong moral center than by his innate prurience.

So even if my initial writing impulses, and my marketing impulses, might seem rather base—Live Nude Girls!—the actual purpose for this site and for the book end up being more high-minded. No, it still ain’t high art. But it ain’t porn, either. And if you’re here for that, well … hold on, lemme see what I’ve got. Cuz now that you’re here, I want you to stay.