Josh Black of Hellnotes (who previously reviewed Blood Red very favorably) interviewed me not long ago. I’ll provide one of the Q&As here, with a link to the full review.

Hellnotes: What personally draws you to the horror genre?

Jason Bovberg: There’s a great Ramsey Campbell quote that has resonated with me for a few years: “An old saw states that horror and pornography are the only kinds of fiction that seek to produce a physical reaction. Presumably whoever originated this twaddle was never made to laugh or weep by fiction. I think there’s nothing at all wrong with art that causes us to feel, but I maintain that horror fiction can address the intellect, as well. I don’t want to scare people out of their wits; I’d rather scare them in.”

You’ve read Blood Red, so you know I love the edgy outrageousness that can characterize balls-out horror fiction. I strive for the rollercoaster thrill. There’s a gorgeous catharsis to be had with a piece of fiction that can actually induce a nightmare state. It doesn’t happen often, that adrenaline rush. But when it does, I will set the book down at the end of a truly horrific scene, stand up, and applaud. I’ll giggle like a school girl. But perhaps more important is that aforementioned beating heart: There’s something elemental and redemptive about a well-rounded, intelligent, flawed character weathering the storm of a chilling horror tale and coming out changed on the other side. That’s what it’s all about.

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