The “zombie tale” Blood Red, the first of a trilogy, takes place in Choice City

Fort Collins, Colorado – April 29, 2014 – Critically acclaimed Permuted Press announced the impending publication of local author Jason Bovberg’s apocalyptic horror novel Blood Red this month. Blood Red, which has a vivid Fort Collins setting, tells the story of 19-year-old Rachel, who wakes up one morning to find that her college town has endured some kind of apocalyptic event. She embarks on a desperate search for her father that finds her racing through Fort Collins streets and past local landmarks in the grips of a world-ending crisis.

In the era of Walking Dead and World War Z, a similarly post-apocalyptic storyline set against a familiar setting is a lot of fun for local residents. Although you might call Blood Red a zombie tale, it’s actually a unique departure from the genre, straddling the line between horror and science fiction. One early reviewer, celebrated author Grant Jerkins, said, “Take a little Dawn of the Dead and top it off with John Carpenter’s The Thing—then throw all that out the window, because Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

The local aspects of Blood Red are essential to the book’s plot, from the various outdoor scenes set in local neighborhoods, to the importance of a “fictionalized” Poudre Valley Hospital, to one chapter set in complete darkness inside the Target location on College. Also vital to the plot are the ubiquitous evergreen trees that dot the foothills and Rocky Mountains beyond Horsetooth Rock. Book two, coming in 2015, uses the downtown library as its primary setting.

“An epic addition to the genre, Blood Red brings apocalyptic literature home to the suburbs,” said Alden Bell, author of the award-winning The Reapers Are the Angels. “Ranging from the gritty to the surreal, the story delivers a nonstop, real-time experience of the End Times. As touching as it is anguishing, Bovberg’s novel gives us a new and deeply compelling perspective on the collapse of the modern world.”

Three prominent local authors have provided supporting quotes. “Blood Red occupies a post-apocalyptic landscape that both excites and terrifies,” said Loveland author Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Whisper in the Dark. “With Blood Red, Jason Bovberg infuses a post-apocalyptic tale with a sustained sense of genuine mystery; of having no idea what’s happening to the world and the people around you, or why,” said Boulder author Brian Hodge, author of Whom the Gods Would Destroy. And Fort Collins author Robert Devereaux, author of Deadweight and Santa Steps Out, said, “Highest praise for Jason Bovberg. Blood Red is a harrowing tale assuredly set forth. The pacing is relentless and inexorable, the details vivid and chilling, as Rachel and her fellow survivors balance staying alive with a race to figure out how to counter the horrors advancing upon them. Guaranteed to creep you out!”

Blood Red is available as a print book ($16.95) and as an ebook ($5.99) on and You can find the Blood Red Goodreads page at

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