For the website, I recently chose my five favorite novels that explore a single event from multiple perspectives. I’ve been intrigued by multi-perspective storytelling for a long time, particularly in film. In this article, I talk about how the film adaptation of Clue changed my own perspective on narrative by presenting three separate endings, depending on the auditorium you saw it in. Remember that? Later on, I’d find that fiction exploring multiple perspectives of one plot is nothing new, either in books or film. Just look at Faulker’s The Sound and the Fury or Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon.

Check out my article “The best books that explore a single event from multiple perspectives” at the site! I provide some background and then dive into my picks, talking about how they influence me and—in particular—the creation of Loser Baby, which itself is an experiment in multi-perspective storytelling. I happen to think it’s that aspect of the book that makes it compulsively readable!