Did you tune in to the Apple iPhone 5 event last week? I’m sure a lot of people did, and I’m sure a lot of people were expecting some pretty amazing stuff. Apple always delivers pretty amazing stuff. Right? There’s really no question that Apple has been the leader in the consumer electronics arena thanks to its innovation and its “in crowd” gloss. But there are challenges coming from all corners now—in both the smartphone and tablet-computing markets—and so the time was right for something new and groundbreaking. The previous iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was more about evolutionary upgrades, so expectations were also high in that regard; after all, this was a full number update to version 5. What would the reliably forward-thinking Apple reveal?

Not much: a slightly larger screen, 4G connectivity, minor design changes, faster chip, and longer battery life.

Yes, Apple fans will gobble up the iPhone 5. Preorders sold out in minutes, and Apple Stores will see their usual long lines. But—as the Twitter conversation that took place during the event can attest—these aren’t the kinds of updates that are going to keep Apple at the front of the pack.

And suddenly the rest of the field is more visible.

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